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I don’t charge for any activities. Instead I suggest my IT Friends give a donation to charity. I support a range of charities with which I feel some association. I change charity every few months. I don’t check up so I don’t know the exact figures - I always suggest a figure based on the time spent but recommend that the donation is based on what the friend thinks the work is worth! To date my friends have donated nearly £19,000 to charities. This excludes the gift aid that can be claimed on these donations.

Previous Charity - The Children’s Society

Jake is a neighbour who is raising £2,000 to fund his Namibia trip, July 2017 to the Africat Foundation, one of the world's largest cheetah & leopard rescue and release programmes. This 17-day expedition to Namibia has been organised through Jake's school, Dr. Challoner's Grammar.

Previous Charity - Great Missenden Parish

Visit Jake’s Crowdfunding page

Students are expected to raise the funds to cover the cost of the trip themselves; they will be camping throughout the visit. The Africat Foundation works with farmers, the general public and a local school to conserve Namibia's big cat species. Its ultimate aim is to educate local communities about how they can work alongside big cats, instead of killing or capturing them to remove them from precious arable land.

On Thursday 1st September, Jake will be doing a Drumathon to raise money for his cause. He will be drumming with no break for as long as possible to a playlist of rock songs on his iPod. He is aiming for 2.5 - 3 hours non-stop, which is between 35 and 45 songs without a break. His marathon will be filmed at XYZ Drum School in Westcott, near Aylesbury, courtesy of Duncan Lee. The video will be uploaded to Jake's YouTube channel as evidence of his endeavour.

Previous Charity - The British Heart Foundation