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Problem with your PC?

Uneasy with technology?

You need an

IT Friend

Installation and set-up

New PC set-up

Data transfer

Broadband installation

E-mail set-up

Standard software or hardware installation

Webcam and messenger set-up

Skype set-up

Anti-virus installation


Learn how to use your PC

Communicate with family and friends across the world

Shop safely on the internet

Prepare and distribute letters and documents

Problem fixing

Computer not working

No internet access

E-mail not responding

Printer dead

Virus removal

Speed up your PC

Digital photography

Manage your photographs

Crop, edit and correct blemishes

Send to friends

Share on the internet

Make the most of your camera


Contact me by e-mail at david.m.harris@btinternet.com

I can access your computer remotely -with your permission - to diagnose and fix problems, to install software or to show you how to achieve some function.

You need a broadband internet connection and you need to install TeamViewer on your PC

How to download and install TeamViewer - you only need to do this once

How to connect using TeamViewer